Vintage Action Man Clothes, Accessories, and Figures: The Ultimate FAQ for Collectors

Vintage Action Man figures can bring back so many memories, making you relive your favourite childhood pastime. Now as an adult, you’re curious about what to do with your collection or perhaps how to start collecting them again. How much are they worth in the market now? Could I possibly have Action Man clothes and accessories that are perhaps considered rare?

It’s time to bust out your pens and take notes because here is what you need to ask before buying your collection.

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What should you look for when collecting Action Man figures?

Consider what kind of action figures you’re collecting. When you started collecting ordinary action figures as a child, you’d think you were collecting everything. However, reference books may tell you otherwise.


Palitoy created several models in different periods and eras. They also sneaked in limited and unique editions of Action Man clothes and accessories to existing key figures. Some are so rare that finding an authentic one is nearly impossible because of created replicas.

The rarest Action Man clothes and figures to own include:

  • Frogman
  • Sailor HMS BELFAST
  • Space Explorer
  • Aston Villa
  • Missile Assault
  • Tottenham
  • Nylon Footballer
  • Underground Rescue
  • Newcastle 40th Anniversary
  • Judo


If an Action Man figure can supposedly bend his knees, then so should yours if you want to consider selling it. Remember that every action figure has different points of articulation (POA,) which is how the action figures move. For example, the Action Man Cadet Officer figure has about thirty POA, including the eyes.

If your Action Man doesn’t move the way it should, consider setting it aside or at least don’t expect to get as much in sales. Displaying defective action figures can cost you a lot if you sell them. Ensure that you’re collecting a vintage Action Man that poses. Different Action Man figures have various POA, so check which ones should be on your model.

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Be prepared because Action Man with Eagle Eyes is peeking from every corner, and so are his fans. Action Man collectors from the tightest nooks and crannies are looking for spare parts like Action Man clothes, hands, and even heads so long as they’re in mint condition.

When looking for original Palitoy figures, ensure that you can collect them in pristine condition if you’re planning to sell or trade them for rarer ones later in your journey.

How can you determine an Action Man figure’s value?

If the box is unopened, sealed, and in mint condition, it’s considered valuable. That’s why an action figure’s value can decrease if dents, missing parts, or deformities are present. 

Action Man figures can be decades old. Plastic can start discolouring, so it’s rare to find vintage Action Man figures in perfect condition. So, finding one in mint condition will make it more valuable.

There’s also the topic on rarity. If you happen to have any of the Action Man clothes and figures we’ve listed above, consider yourself lucky.

How much was an Action Man worth before and how much is it worth now?

34805 ed. 1970 Judo Set – Window Box. Source: Massimo Scotti

What once was worth around £2 in today’s prices is now bidding over £899. Since Palitoy stopped producing new models in 2006, collectors from all over the world stopped at nothing to gather all the information they could about the rare collectables.

For starters, vintage Action Man figures can be worth thousands. The most recent Action Man auction gathered around £20,000 for one of the rare Action Man clothes set from when Action Man was a Judoka.

Since the sets are vintage, several people are still willing to buy incomplete accessories and figures even when missing some parts. They might be looking for pieces because they’re completing a figure or set they already have.

Where Can You Find Vintage Action Man Clothes, Accessories, and Figures?

You can find vintage Action Man clothes, accessories, and figures on forums, discussions, and online shops. Often, people conduct auctions to sell limited-edition models. Some are rare, while others are common. You can check reference books to familiarize yourself with what to look for.

The Takeaway

It’s always best to research before starting your collection, as you can pick up on a few tips and tricks before your shelves are full. Whenever you need advice, there are several forums and discussions available.

Always consider an Action Man figure’s value and rarity because looking at descriptions can help you in your collecting journey. I hope your collection goes well.

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