Helicopter Pilot (1975 & 1981) – Vintage Action Man

Palitoy. 1975 Official Action Man Equipment Manual. Source: Massimo Scotti

In 1974, Palitoy released both the Action Man Helicopter and the Turbo Copter, but what’s an aircraft without a pilot? So in 1975, they decided to release their first Helicopter Pilot intended for both vehicles as well as the 1978 Combat Plane that came a few years later. 

A second version came out in 1981 with differences not only to his costume, but to the key figure itself. The flocked hair stuck, but they added an eye-catching element: Action Man with Eagle Eyes.

Features of Helicopter Pilot

Blue overall flight suit with orange velour-type stripes on the sideAmerican 1st Cavalry type green overall flight suit with yellow velour-type stripes on the side with a single middle stitch
Flock hairFlock hair and Eagle Eyes
Gripping handsGripping hands and dynamic physique
Orange scarfYellow scarf
Black bootsBlack boots
White helmet with brown strap with face mask and gogglesDark green helmet with a bright green visor and dark face mask
Roundal badge and Action Man lettering sticker on helmetProminent embedding on sides and top of helmet
Star cardStar card
Hand cupHand cup
Equipment manualEquipment manual

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