Find Vintage Action Man on eBay and More: The 6 Best Online Shops

Getting into collecting Action Man? Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, here’s a list of sellers of vintage Action Man on eBay and other online stores where you can find a new addition to your collection. Several available Action Man figures are highlighted for the shops listed as of this writing, but they may be gone by the time you’re reading this. So, hurry and check out an Action Man today! 

1. Eagle Eyes Action Station

Supplying a variety of vintage toys for everyone to enjoy, the Eagle Eyes Action Station highlights its vintage Palitoy Action Man collection from 1966 to 1984. For collectors, you can find rare figures such as the Action Man with Eagle Eyes British Infantryman with a Carl Gustav bipod, and an Action Man with Eagles Eyes and Flock Hair Long Range Desert Group. They also sell vintage Action Man vehicles that are unused and boxed such as the German Staff Car Africa Corps and the SAS Beachead Attack. A variety of vintage Action Man spare accessories and body parts are also available for purchase.


2. Modellers Loft

Modellers Loft offers a variety of collectible figures including Action Man vintage soldiers. You can find rare figures such as the Painted Head German Stormtrooper, the Painted Head Russian Infantryman, and the Painted Head Scrambler Pilot. Equipment cards can also be found like the Navy Frogman Set for the basic Action Man Action Sailor figure. Additionally, the Modellers Loft offers replacement parts including hard hands, gripping hands, and painted heads that are from the 40th Anniversary line.

3. SPS Collectables Direct


Based in the UK, SPS Collectables Direct is a seller of vintage Action Man on eBay as well as other vintage toys. The shop has been active since 2014 and is a top-rated seller on eBay with over 600 positive feedbacks in the last twelve months as of this writing. SPS Collectables Direct has also earned a Red Star rating which signifies an eBay feedback score between 4,999 to 1000. The shop has over 300 available listings and has sold over 6,500 items. Among the rare finds are a 1st issue 1967 Action Man American Green Beret in excellent condition and a 1969 Action Man Mountaineer in mint condition.

4. Vintageactionman4u

Another shop that sells vintage Action Man on eBay is vintageactionman4u. A member since 2016 and based in the UK, this store has nearly 700 followers and has sold close to ten thousand items. As of writing, vintageactionman4u is ranked as one of eBay’s top sellers and has had nearly a thousand positive feedbacks in the past twelve months. When browsing the shop, you can find Action Man basic figures, various Action Man clothes sets, and spare parts. Vintage Action Man vehicles can also be found such as the Helicopter and Scorpion Tank.

5. 20thCBoy

Opened in 2017, this store that sells vintage Action Man on eBay offers a myriad of other vintage collectibles that ship from the UK. As of writing, 20thCBoy has over 600 positive reviews and a Red Star eBay rating. For Action Man vintage figure collectors, you can find rare Action Man figures of the 1980 SAS Trooper and 1980 Afrika Korps both in good condition.


6. jumetc_47

Located in the UK, jumetc_47 joined eBay in 2019 and has since sold over two thousand vintage figures, vehicles, and collectibles. The shop has a Red Star rating and had nearly 400 positive reviews in the past 12 months as of the writing of this article. The shop sells a variety of merch for vintage Action Man on eBay. Some notable ones include a 1978 Action Man Soldier and a 1978 to 1984 part Long Range Desert Patrol outfit. Other Action Man accessories and clothes are available for purchase as well as parts for the rare Action Man Secret Mission to Dragon Island set.

The Right Find

As Action Man vintage figures are difficult to find, purchasing an Action Man collectible requires research into the item and the reputation of the seller. This is just a simple guide to help you get started but always trust your gut when making a purchase. By taking your time in finding your very own Action Man and taking care of it,  you can own a piece of history.

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