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1966 Key Features

The first Action Man Action Soldier was based on the 1964 G.I. Joe for the US market. As you may know, Palitoy’s Action Man figures are licensed copies of Hasbro’s G.I. Joe for the European market. When released, the 1966 Basic Soldier was a great success.

Accessories could be added to this basic soldier figure. The original release box art was a mistaken artist’s impression and was later corrected.

1970 Key Features

In 1970, the Action Man Action Soldier figure was replaced with a new range that featured realistic blonde or brown flock hair and a British-themed uniform. This shifted the action figure away from the US G.I. Joe’s look and catered to boys in the UK.

Similar to the range in 1966, equipment cards could be used to further customize the Action Soldier. In 1973, the Action Soldier naming convention was discontinued and renamed Soldier.

1983 Key Features

This Action Soldier was the last iteration of Action Man Soldier before it was retired in 1984. This latest figure had all the improvements from earlier years, including realistic hair, movable eyes (Eagle Eyes), and hands that could grip. For collectors, take note that the last produced versions featured noticeably bluer eyes.

Action Man Action Soldier Through The Years

1966 to 19691970 to 19731983 to 1984
ShirtJacketNylon jumper with epaulettes
TrousersTrousersCamouflage trousers with 1 pocket
Tall brown bootsShort bootsShort boots
Green capBlue beretBlack beret with badge
Metal dog tagSubmachine gun with a clipGreen scarf
Star cardPlastic dog tag (grey or silver)Green belt
Army training manualStar cardBlack boots
Equipment manualEquipment manualSLR rifle with plastic strap
Star card
Instruction manual
Equipment poster

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