SAS Commander (1983) – Vintage Action Man

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If you’re familiar with Special Air Services, you must be familiar with the London-Iranian Embassy hostage crisis of 1980. Palitoy quickly joined the nation’s triumph and success when the company released a SAS Action Man line.

The SAS Key Figure came before the SAS Commander. They had noticeable differences between their bulletproof vests. The older version was spongier and there are more intricate details on the later version.

This figure complemented a mini-range which included vehicles (SAS Assault Craft, SAS Beachhead Attack, and the SAS Airstrike Helicopter) and uniform sets (SAS Underwater Attack, SAS Parachute Attack, and the SAS Secret Mission).

Common Features of SAS Commander

  • Dynamic physique, gripping hand, and Eagle Eyes
  • Heckler & Koch submachine gun with a plastic strap
  • Black jumpsuit
  • Black bulletproof vest with intricate stamped-on detailing
  • Short black boots
  • Black gas face mask
  • Grey hood
  • Nylon hand cup
  • Star card
  • Instruction manual
  • Equipment poster

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