Tank Commander (1974 to 1980) – Vintage Action Man

Featured image credit: Jim Lone

With his zipped jacket and trousers with a large rectangular pocket on the left thigh, the Action Man Tank Commander is a perfect match for both the Scorpion and Iron Knight tanks.

When it first came out in 1974, it came with a blue fabric beret and no badge. Less than a year later, the beret was replaced by a black plastic one with a beret badge, which is easily damaged.

This would be the most common style of the vintage range Action Man Tank Commander.

Common Features – Tank Commander (Action Man)

  • Black beret with badge (initially blue fabric beret with no badge – rare)

  • Headset
  • “Leather” jacket with fur collar (i.e. the leather is obviously just plastic)
  • Green trousers with the same coloured belt holster
  • .45 Colt pistol with leg tie
  • Flare pistol
  • Binoculars
  • Black boots

The uniform comes in a number of versions, so please check reference books for more information.

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