Adventurer (1970, 1973, 1977, & 1979 to 1980) – Vintage Action Man

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1970 Key Features

A new role for Action Man came out in 1970 with the toy company, Palitoy, introducing its Adventurer figure alongside a new feature: Flock Hair. With a fuzzy blond or brown hair and an equally fuzzy beard, he wore a white roll-neck sweater, mid or dark denim jeans with white stitching, and short tan boots. For collectors of Action Man vintage figures, the short tan boots and the white sweater proves to be a rare find.

1973 Key Features

The Adventurer braved the world with a new look and feature when Palitoy invented its Gripping Hands in 1973. This time, the tan boots reverted to the standard Action Man black boots. Alongside that change are a blue roll-neck sweater and light blue trousers.

1977 Key Features

Another new feature rolled out in 1977 with Palitoy coming out with its Eagle Eyes, larger Action Man heads that housed eyes that shift left and right with a switch on the back of the head. The outfit for the 1977 Adventurer Action Man with Eagle Eyes remains unchanged from the 1973 version.

1979 to 1980 Key Features

By 1979, Palitoy introduced its Dynamic Physique with the Adventurer gaining a more poseable, tanned, and muscular body. For collectors, this make has the text “© CPC Products Corporation 1978” printed on its lower back. The recognizable Blue Pants with the Action man logo on the belt can also be used to identify its body. The Adventurer Action man clothes remain the same as their 1973 and 1977 counterparts. In 1980, the Adventurer was removed from the Action Man series.

Action Man Adventurer Through The Years

1970197319771979 to 1980
Flock Hair and BeardFlock Hair and Beard, Gripping HandsFlock Hair and Beard, Gripping Hands, Eagle EyesFlock Hair and Beard, Gripping Hands, Eagle Eyes, Dynamic Muscle Body and Blue Pants
White jumperBlue jumperBlue jumperBlue jumper
Mid to dark denim jeans with white stitchingLight blue trousersLight blue trousersLight blue trousers
Short tan bootsBlack bootsBlack bootsBlack boots

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